Some reviews:

'84 Charing Cross Road'
DUNCAN THOMPSON, DAILY TELEGRAPH: "The very simple story of the love affair between Miss Helene Hanff of New York and Messrs Marks and Co... an unmitigated delight from cover to cover."
LISTENER: "Immensely appealing... witty, caustic."
EVENING STANDARD: "20 years of faithful and uproarious correspondence with a book-shop in Charing Cross Road."
CHARITY BLACKSTOCK, BOOKS AND BOOKMEN: "Oh, I enjoyed this. So will you. It is a confoundly sour world we live in, we are all so bloody cynical these days, it is no longer the thing to be enthusiastic, warm, emotional. Miss Hanff is all three, and writes well into the bargain... A lovely read, a must for all who worship books."
ANNE EDWARDS, SUNDAY EXPRESS: "A delightful story - one of the most charming book I have read."

'Underfoot in Showbusiness'
THE STAGE: "Another charmer of a book... fresh, fascinating and very funny indeed."
THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH: "Beautifully done... I really cannot recommend this book too vigorously."
PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY: "A wonderful, zany, funny memoir... Hanff is as enchanting as ever."

'Duchess of Bloomsbury Street'
THE TIMES: "Another absolute charmer from Miss Hanff."

'Q's Legacy'
THE TIMES: "A memoir, a thank-you letter, a sparkling and often moving collage of autobiography from an author whom countless fans regard as a friend."

'Apple of My Eye'
THE TIMES: "Miss Hanff brilliantly updates the difference between East Siders and West Siders in this lively book. New York may be bankrupt. Helene Hanff shows it has riches."
SUNDAY EXPRESS: "Charming, relaxed, informal... very enjoyable to read even if you're not going to New York."

'Letter from New York'
DAILY MAIL: "For six years, until 1985, Helene Hanff charmed listeners to Woman's Hour with her monthly broadcasts about life in New York... a touch of Samuel Pepys in her ability to fascinate with the telling of everyday happenstance... her unique perspective is as much about the joy she puts into life as it is about a city."
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