The many faces of the building that was once Marks & Co

We all know the address: 84 Charing Cross Road, London - but how many fans have actually made the pilgrimage to visit the site of Marks & Co? And how many have been confused by the street numbering on Charing Cross Road and seen the wrong building, thinking that it was number 84? Surprisingly, quite a lot! I've had many fans contact me over the years, upset that their beloved bookshop was apparently now a Pizza Hut. It wasn't. Pizza Hut is on the southern side of the intersection of Shaftesbury Avenue and Charing Cross Road and stands proudly next to 82 Charing Cross Road. The building even bears a street sign proclaiming "Charing Cross Road" - but its actual address is in Shaftesbury Avenue. 84 Charing Cross is on the northern side of the intersection and is identified by the plaque on the left side of the store front (see maps below).

The building has changed ownership many times, and the ground floor frontage has changed substantially, but the remaining floors of the building are still there, as is the original facade.

I first saw the building in 1994 when it was the Covent Garden Record Store. Later in the 1990s it was an empty storefront, with a sign in the window announcing that it was to be turned into a wine bar. All Bar One opened on the site (joined with the building on the northern side of the instersection with Shaftesbury Avenue). Ownership changed in the 2000s to Med Kitchen - and then around 2010 to Leon's.

Images of the building from the 1940s to 1960s come from other websites, whilst the 1990's and onwards photos are my own. Click any thumbnail image for a larger view.
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84 Charing Cross Road
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The changing faces of Marks & Co
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